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Erawan National Park is a 550 km2 park and the major attraction of the park is Erawan Falls, a waterfall named after the erawan, the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. The seven-tiered falls are said to resemble the erawan. The park consists of limestone hills with elevation between 165-996 meters above the sea level, plains and a number of streams. Animals like Indian muntjac, wild elephants, lar gibbon, Indochinese serow, wild boar and sambar deer can be found here.

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Erawan National Park

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Located at/Addresses : Kanchanaburi
Country : Thailand
State/ Province/ County : Kanchanaburi
Distance From Nearest City : Kanchanaburi(56 KM)
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Location type : Park
Best Suited for : All
Best time to visit : All (January - December)
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Entry Fee : 0
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Accomodation : Yes - Available within 15 KM
Food availability : Yes - Available within 12 KM
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