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Ruwanwelisaya is a stupa which is considered to be an architectural marvel standing at a height of 103 m and is sacred to many Buddhists all over the world. The stupa is a hemispherical structure and was also designed with Buddha’s teachings in mind. Different parts of the stupa signifies different facts such as the dome signifies the vastness of the doctrine, the four facets above it represent the Four Noble Truths, the concentric rings indicate the Noble Eight-fold Middle Path, and the large crystal at the pinnacle represents the ultimate Buddhist goal of enlightenment.

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Located at/Addresses : Anuradhapura
Country : Sri Lanka
State/ Province/ County : Anuradhapura
Distance From Nearest City : Anuradhapura(7 KM)
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Location type : Building and structu
Best Suited for : All
Best time to visit : All (January - December)
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Entry Fee : 0
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Accomodation : Yes - Available within 3 KM
Food availability : Yes - Available within 2 KM
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